18 January 2018, Thursday, 20:33

Military secret


A non-governmental newspaper Intex-press from Baranavichy was denied the information of a conscript campaign.

Intex-press’ reporter Kanstantsin Litsvin called the head of the conscription department of the United City Military Commissariat of Baranovichy Aliaksandr Barchankou for information about the flow of the conscript campaign, the press-service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists reports.

The official responded that the information for insider use only and advised to address the military commissioner.

However, the military commissioner Vadzim Karolik refused to provide this publicly important information, referring to the absence of Intex-press’ accreditation with the Defense Ministry. Apart from that he added that this information was on the internet and the data about the Baranovichy district were provided to the Intex TV-company that is why the newspaper could address those sources.

We would remind that the Intex-press’ editorial office already tried to receive an accreditation with the Defense Ministry but was refused, however telling that the Ministry was ready to cooperate with the newspaper even without an accreditation.

In the United City Military Commissariat of Baranovichy they also refused to provide an accreditation t Intex-press for the reason that contradicts the current legislation – because of the non-state pattern of ownership. The non-state newspaper’s editorial office will make another attempt to get an accreditation with these military agencies.