24 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:20

Passport control for Internet use will be replaced by video surveillance


A resolution will be adopted by the end of the year allowing the owner of internet-cafes to identify users by the means of videotaping.

The head of the telecommunications department of the Ministry of Communication and Informatization Pavel Petrulevich told a BelTA reporter about that. Mr Petrulevich took part in a joint Huawei and Beltelecom conference IP Gala Belarus 2012 today.

A draft resolution was sent to the Council of Ministers for consideration. At the moment separate regulations of the document are being specified. It is expected that the government will adopt the resolution shortly.

Currently according to the decree No 60 (part 2, point 6) the owners of the points of collective internet access and other institutions are obliged to identify the internet users against an ID and store the information about the services provided. According to the resolutions by the Council of Ministers, identification documents must be presented for users’ identification.

However, soon internet-cafes and computer clubs will be able to use less burdensome means for that purpose. An exact identification means will be defined by an administrator of a collective internet access point or an authorized person.

When providing the services of data transmission and telematics in a computer club or an internet-café, an administrator or an authorized person must ensure that the users’ personal data are registered and stored. As well as must be stored the starting and ending time of a session and the data from an electronic journal where all the identification data about users’ devices are included etc.  

Internet-cafes and computer clubs are obliged to store the information for a year, including the one registered on photo and video or in another program-technical way.