17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:09

The guard beaten by police was questioned by the Investigatory Committee

Vasili Sarochyk is a guard of a car parking beaten by the policemen of the Minsk Lenin district’s police department was questioned in the Investigatory Committee’s department in Minsk.

The questioning was held in the framework of the inspection which is being carried out according to the respective appeal of Vasili Sarochyk and the information and educative institution Platforma’s. The representative of the Platforma Alena Krasouskaya-Kaspiarovich and Vasili Sarochyk himself told Radio Svaboda about that.

“Vasili Sarochyk was called to the Minsk department of the Investigatory Committee over the phone. As a civic representative I came with him. We composed a written motion for a civic representative’s admission. However in the Investigatory Committee they refused me to be present referring to some unknown articles of the Criminal Code. Although according to the article No 62 of the Constitution representatives have a right to represent the interests of citizens in all the agencies. Unfortunately, for the Investigatory Committee it is the Criminal Code which is much more important than the country’s Constitution. Because of the fact of non-admission I filed a complaint to the Investigatory Committee. At the moment the questioning is finished and Vasili Sarochyk has left the Investigatory Committee. So far we do not have any other details”, - the Platform’s human rights activist told.

“I was called to the Investigatory Committee, I told them everything as it had happened, all the conversation was videotaped. They asked what I had worn, why I had not screamed, how I had been led either handcuffed or not, where I had sat, who had beaten me etc. So far everything is alright. Tomorrow there will be an investigative experiment in the police department – where the room is, how they put me on chairs, how they beat me etc. I do not know what to think myself – hope for the worst and the best will come itself. Now I do not trust anyone who belongs to police - do not trust anyone”, - Sarochyk told journalists.