20 January 2018, Saturday, 6:18

Neuro Dubel: The entire Belarusian system bans us


Neuro Dubel held an autograph session on occasion of the release of band's 14th studio album with an intriguing title.

Alexander Kullinkovich and Andrei Stepanyuk told TUT.by how some songs had been written, about their work over the album, plans for the nearest future and trusting people.

“It is the most positive and censured album in band's history,” Neuro Dubel frontman boasts. Kullinkovich says both he and his colleagues got tired of making songs, going to a recording studio and playing concerts, because “it was the reason why we decided to play rock music long ago”.

It is the first album the band releases on the date appointed by Alexander Kullinkovich. A half of the album was ready a year ago, but the work began to slow down. To speed up the process, Kullinkovich announced the album presentation would be on November 20. “Now it's funny to speak about the deadline pressure. Those who saw me two or three weeks before the presentation were scared by my pale and bluish face,” Alexander opens up.

Fans asked about the blacklist. “We have already got used to see the grey ceiling without light,” Kullinkovich says adding that the whole country banned the group. “Roughly speaking, in the time of the first blacklists, we were banned by Pralyaskouski, who later permitted us to play. But now something strange happens: we are not involved in politics, but we are still under the ban,” Alexander Kullinkovich says.

The musicians said they planned to have a rest after the rush and spoke about favourite music and films.