18 January 2018, Thursday, 22:57

Vasili Parfiankou: I do not count on a parole


The pressure has increased on the political prisoner Vasili Parfiankou who is serving the term in the investigatory isolation ward in Baranavichy.

In the meantime he waits for a meeting with a lawyer in order to prepare a respective motion for a parole. That is what he writes in a letter to an acquaintance of his Volga Guletskaya, Radio Svaboda reports.

“The regime there has become stricter, he is often transferred in different cells and they would carry out searches almost on a daily basis. It is not clear what this increased pressure is caused by. He writes that he does not count on a parole. He waits for a lawyer at the beginning of December, they will compose a parole motion”, - she says.

Vasili Parfiankou was first sentenced for four years in prison according to the article about mass disturbances as a participant of the square protest of 19 December 2010. Then he was pardoned and released. However Parfiankou did not stop his political activity, participated in various opposition events, including non-authorized ones, and was arrested again. Police established a preventive surveillance after him. Accused of its violation Parfiankou was sentenced to six months of arrest by the court of Minsk’s Pershamaiski district. He was taken into custody on 9 August.