21 October 2017, Saturday, 22:34

They looked for ‘Lipkovich‘ in Paczobut’s computer equipment


The journalist of Gazeta Wyborcza was called out to an investigator.

The reporter of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza Andrzej Paczobut told the charter97.org about that himself. He is now under an investigation on the case about the insult of Lukashenka:

“Today I together with the lawyer was called out to an investigator. They informed me there that another linguistic expertise was set over my texts. It will be carried out by Grodno State Yanka Kupala University. This is already the fourth expertise after the ones by the Academy of Public Administration Under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State University and the Academy of Sciences, which modestly looked through my articles finding a whole bunch of criminal articles in there. The Investigatory Committee for some reason had a need in an additional opinion of a modest Grodno university”.

According to the journalist, the investigation will be suspended for the time of the expertise:

“This will affect my position in no way, I am still an accused. They simply do not want to extend the term of the procedure – while the expertise is being carried out, it will not be counted. When it is over, they will decide what to do next”.

They looked for ‘Lipkovich‘ in Paczobut’s computer equipment:

“Apart from that the investigator made me familiar with the results of the technical expertise of the computer, confiscated from me, which are now in the Investigatory Committee. Belpartisan and Charter’97 web-sites were indeed visited from these computers, the text files of the articles, which are the subjects of the accusation, are indeed there. It is interesting, that the experts used word search for files. Among the words there was an enigmatic word Lipkovich”.