16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:50

Border area: limitations for removal of goods and products


The locals can only take goods for personal use going abroad.

From 29 November at the border checkpoints of simplified control Glybotskae, Paddabranka, Andreeuka and Loeu in the Gomel region the list of the goods allowed to take across the Belarus-Ukraine border has been changed.

Now the locals can only take goods for personal use even going to visit relatives. Those would be used clothes, footwear without a package and labels, personal hygiene objects – one of each, but no more than five items.

Food products of phytogenous or anumal origin obviously intended for personal use – up to five kilos, but not more than one kilo per item. Those include: tea – up to 0.25 kilo, coffee – up to 0.25 kilo, spices – up to 0.3 kilo. Alcohol (per person older 18) - not more than 0.75 in a single container.

This information was disseminated by the press-service of the Gomel border group with a reference to the information by the State Customs Committee.