18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:40

Police terrorise beaten watchman


Vasily Sarochyk, who recently said about beating in the Leninski district police department, has faced pressure from police.

BelaPAN news agency learnt this from deputy head of Platform educational association Alena Krasouskaya-Kaspyarovich.

According to her,  for the last two days Vasil Sarochyk has been receiving telephone calls from different police departments of Minsk's Leninski district asking to come for an “interrogation”.

“The Leninski police department refuses to send a summons to Sarochyk, saying he should come 'urgently' and no summons is needed,” Krasouskaya-Kaspyarovich says.

Sarochyk refuses to come to police without an official summons, she says. After his another refusal to appear in the organised crime department of the Leninski district, his relatives were handed a summons at 8 p.m. “Nevertheless, Sarochyk said he would consult with his lawyer on all summons and visits and appear for investigative procedures in the presence of a lawyer,” Krasouskaya-Kaspyarovich noted.

“Different police officers, who refuse to introduce themselves, have begun to visit the parking lot, where Sarochy works, and ask to talk to Sarochyk and give them documents. On Wednesday, November 28, two policemen appeared at the parking lot and said they were officers of the Leninski district police department. They wanted to talk to Sarochyk face to face,” the Platform representative said.