23 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:36

Domracheva took the «silver» in the individual race in Oestersund

Darya Domracheva of Belarus was second in the women's 15K individual.

Other Belarusians in top 40 were Lyudmila Kalinchik with 1 miss (17th position with +4:9.7). Nadezhda Skardino (1 miss) was 20th (+4:17.1).

Belarusian Irina Krivko finished 66th (3 misses; +8:17.3), Anastasia Duborezova - 80th (6 misses; +9:29.3).

Nadezhda Pisareva, who was 34th with 2 misses after the final shooting bout (+4:29.3) withdrew from the race.

All in all, 102 athletes took part in the event.

As already reported, the top performing Belarusian in the men’s 20K Individual on 28 November was Evgeny Abramenko (38th). Sergei Novikov came in 40th. Alexander Babchin was 79th, Vladimir Chepelin was 94th among 103 participants.

The IBU Cup Biathlon in Oestersund will continue with the men's 10K and women's 7.5K sprints on 1 December and the men’s 12.5K and women’s 10K pursuits on 2 December.