17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:30

Changed their mind?


The builder of the Bulbash-Hall plans in creating a memorial in Kurapaty.  

Now the project is being considered in the Ministry of Culture. The Nasha Niva newspaper found that out, having received a response to its appeal to the Minsk district executive committee on the occasion of the building of Bulbash-Hall next to the place of burial of the victims of mass repressions.

The company BelRestInvest, which is the building owner, “has developed a set of measures for creating a memorial Kurapaty. These measures are sent to the Ministry of Culture for approval”.

It is not explained what exactly fall into the set of measures.

“As a matter of fact, a memorial is the Cross Hill, and it is already there. Tile and asphalt coverage of the memorial would only harm. Historians repeatedly voiced the idea of creating a museum of the victims of mass repressions nearby, but it is a big deal, which requires a respective political decision by the authorities”, - the newspaper reports.

The newspaper’s editorial office sent as well other requests as to the Bulbash-Hall.

According to the information of the Minsk region executive committee, the building of the “wayside service facility” is being carried out in the framework of an investment agreement as of 1 March 2010. Whereas a draft project of the construction was agreed in the Ministry of Culture back in 2006. But also as a wayside service facility at the 51st km of the Minsk circle road.

However in the time of the construction the idea grew into an entertainment complex.

On 30 October the Ministry of Culture issued an order to check whether the builder’s documentation corresponded to the legislation. Then violations were revealed: the works were partly conducted in the protected zone of a historical and cultural value. The construction has been suspended so far.

The information about the construction of the restaurant and entertainment complex Bulbash-Hall next to Kurapaty became known in October. After public protests advertisement disappeared from the construction site at first, and now inspections were started.