17 January 2018, Wednesday, 3:58

Activist from Baranavichy suffers from revenge for defence of workers' rights

Alyaksandr Vaiteshyk has met attempts to make him dismiss from work.

On November 28, he sent a letter to Dzmitry Huminski, the director of a construction technical company where he works as an accountant. He wrote in the letter that he came to work on November 28 and found his desk drawers empty and documents disappeared. As it was figured out later, someone had worked on his computer without permission. Alyaksandr Vateshyk asks the director to look into the situation and take proper measures, Viansa human rights centre reports.

Vateshyk regards the situation as an attempt to apply pressure on him. The activist says he met pressure after he had filed a lawsuit against three officers of the Baranavichy police and Investigation Committee. He accuses policemen of deliberate spreading false and biased information about him. He decided to defend his honour, dignity and business reputation in a court.

“The pressure on me increased when I started to defend the rights of Ryhor Hryk and other workers in the city court as a representative of the Electronics Trade Union. The company management is looking for all ways to dismiss me for my active citizenship,” Alyaksandr Vaiteshyk said.