16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:55

Cellular connection went off for two hours in Gomel


Velcom subscribers in Gomel lost the possibility to use the mobile connection.

As readers reported to charter97.org, the mobile coverage of one of the country´s biggest mobile providers Velcom was absent in the Gomel region. The problems started around 12 p.m. Belarusian time.

“The end of the world has started in Gomel. It has been more than an hour as cell phones connected to one of the largest mobile providers Velcom do not work”,  - a reader reported.

“When dialing any cell phone number from a landline phone, you would hear that the number is non-existent. However you are supposed to hear that the subscriber is currently unavailable. The technical support service’s line is busy all the time”, - another we-site’s reader protested.

In the information service of the company they told a charter97.org’s reporter, that indeed “there was technical malfunctioning in Gomel, but all the works were completed”.

Many readers confirmed that the connection was indeed renewed, however some users say that they still cannot reach cell numbers of the provider.