23 October 2017, Monday, 7:13

Igar Alienevich: Anarchists are not privy to the explosions and attacks

The political prisoner sent a letter to his mother from the Navapolatsk colony.

Valiantsina Alienevich, the mother of the political prisoner Igar Alienevich, received the first letter from her son after a long meeting in the colony. In the letter the anarchist regrets that the meeting with the mother lasted for so short and also touches upon the latest famous events in the country.

“Of course, he never writes and never tells about the conditions in the prison. It has negative consequences and he has such a character, he never complains about anything, he does not want to get us worried”, - Valiantsina Alienevich told the charter97.org web-site.

In the letter Igar Alienevich pays much attention to the latest meeting with his mother – they are allowe to meet only once in half a year as long as there are no violations. “Son writes, that he spent three days as if in a daze and could not do anything. So strong was the communication with the free world at the meeting for him”, - Valiantsina Alienevich told.

“The news about throwing Molotoff cocktails into the Lithuanian embassy only cause a sceptic smile with him. He called that a same kind of provocation as it was with the cocktails thrown at the Russian embassy, which he and other anarchists were accused of. Igar made it clear that anarchists had nothing to do with that”, - the political prisoner’s mother noted.

By the way, on 28 November it turned two years since the moment when the Belarusian special services kidnapped Igar Alienevich in Moscow. “Everything what has been happening ever since and is happening now is a total lawlessness. Tortures and beatings at KGB, the falsifications of the case, the sentence to eight years of prison – it is an abnormal term, they do not sentences murderers and maniacs to so long. Unfortunately, people get used to lawlessness, but it is important to remind them about that”.