20 October 2017, Friday, 11:48

Former political prisoner questioned over attack on Lithuanian embassy


Uladzimir Yaromenak was forcefully taken to the Partyzanski district police department to give explanations regarding the incident.

The Young Front member went to the Pershamaiski district corrections office for a check yesterday. Uladzimir Yaromenak met some policemen in inspector's office:

“The said they were criminal investigators from the Partyzanski district police department and said the needed me. I asked why and they answered they just needed me for a short time. I tried to phone my lawyer, but they took away my cell phone and took me to the police department. I was waiting for an investigator for two hours.”

The questioning lasted for five minutes, the Young Front activist says:

“The investigators asked about my conviction and asked what I had done on November 6. I was in the Maskouski district police department at the moment of the attack on the Lithuanian embassy. I was detained for pouring valerian extract on the statue of Lenin. I told this to the investigator. He asked how I had learnt about the attack. I replied I had read it in the media.”

The police wanted Uladzimir Yaromenak when he was in the detention centre:

“A policeman came to the detention centre on November 7 to hear my explanations regarding the attack on the Lithuanian embassy, but I refused to talk to him because I knew nothing about the incident. I later read on the Internet what had happened.”