23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:07

Russian MP: Belarus to face problems


Dmitry Gudkov thinks the crisis in Belarus and Russia and the crisis in Europe are completely different.

“We should understand that Europe differs from Russia. In our country, you lose and you leave the game forever. But they have constant rotation. Governments change every four years. As noticed by many politologists, if a crisis or a slowdown occurs, the right always win,” Dmitry Gudkov said. “Not the communists or socialists, but the right have won. I am sure there will be recoup in four years. It is absolutely normal when they come to power by turn. In spite of mass protests in Spain and other countries, Europe lives better than we live.”

The State Duma member (United Russia party) gives a pessimistic forecast for Belarus, Sensus Novus reports.

“Belarus will soon face problems. The state capitalism is absolutely ineffective. What is nationalisation? It is when you take from an independent businessman and give an official. Yes, a businessman gains profit for himself, but is a certain mechanism exists, for example a luxury tax or a progressive tax, the businessman will not invest in yachts. But he is ready to withstand the risks of economic competition. What can officials do? They can sit on the pipe siphoning off money and destroying rivals with all the tools they have,” Gudkov said.