20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:57

Wolfram Maas: European Union wants to help Belarus


Germany is ready to share its experience of reforms in various spheres with Belarus.

German Ambassador Wolfram Maas said it in an interview with BelaPAN. 

"The European Union has created a forum in the framework of which a conversation is to be conducted on Belarus` various prospects," he said, referring to the European Dialogue on Modernization. "The people who will determine the country`s future have been given an opportunity to take part in this discussion. Meetings with experts representing both Germany and other EU countries are to take place in the framework of the discussion. They will share the experience of how problems can be successfully solved." 

He said that Germany contemplated holding a workshop or a round-table conference to discuss a stable pension system. "But we are ready to share our experience with Belarus outside the Dialogue on Modernization as well. There are groups of experts that provide their opinion on various economic matters," he said. 

Any decision on experience exchange must suit Belarus` interests, the ambassador warned. 

The Belarusian government has refused to participate in the European Dialogue on Modernization, explaining that the program was developed without its involvement. 

Commenting on Minsk`s stance, Mr. Maas said, "Life consists of a chain of misunderstandings. Our task is to overcome one misunderstanding after another."