22 January 2018, Monday, 10:50

Hrodna and Zhodzina prisons don't have Dashkevich


Young Front activist have received this information after visiting the penitentiaries.

Young Front members are looking their leaders, who should have arrived at prison in the first days of November. Young Front deputy head Ales Kirkevich thinks prisons may hide information about Zmitser Dashkevich, Radio Racja reports.

“Our activists are monitoring the situation in Hrodna and Zhodzina, where Dashkevich can be moved to. The activists are ready to contact the media just after any information about Dashkevich appears. It is possible that he is in Hrodna or in Zhodzina, but the prison administration doesn't tell it to us for some reasons. It is also possible that he is still in transit,” Kirkevich says.

Ales Kirkevich thinks Zmitser Dashkevich may face what Andrei Sannikov met a year ago, when he was moved from one prison to another. The activist thinks it is a sort of torture of political prisoners.

Anastasia Palazhanka wrote on her Facebook account that Dashkevich is not in Mahilou either.