17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:38

Sumar dancing and singing for Russian journalists


Three weeks after the media tour across Belarus have passed, but Russian journalists continue to share their impressions.

It should be reminded that 90 journalists representing 80 media outlets from 48 federal subjects of Russia took part in a four-day press tour across Belarus. The journalists visited a press conference on October 16 and 32 media representatives put their questions to Lukashenka. The website naviny.by found 40 reports on the tour on the Internet. Some of them are full or abridged versions of the transcript of the press conference, some are made in a form of Lukashenka's monologue on the key issues of the foreign and domestic policy.

There are a few texts written on the principle “I write what I see” that distinguish themselves from the rest. Some of them are published in endless pieces.

The online newspaper reprints an extract an the article by journalist Afrikan Solovyov from Sovetskaya Chuvashia newspaper, who told a funny story about the meeting with the “governor” of the Brest region.

“For example, governor of the Brest region Kanstantin Sumar reminded the old Soviet officials taking into account his knowledge of economical and social problems, but showed himself as a ultramodern manager without a tie and even a jacket as he was talking to journalists and during the reception (which in fact was a banquet). He offered non-standard toasts, danced wildly to trendy music and sang “Moscow Nights”, “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” and even the Russian version of  “Dicitencello vuie” on a decent level. The heads of districts, plants and factories made a good impression on us,” journalist from Cheboksary writes.