18 January 2018, Thursday, 13:02

KGB mourns (Photo)

Perished Aliaksandr Kazak was an agent the KGB’s Minsk and Minsk region department.

The pictures of Aliaksandr Kazak’s grave, made by the charter97.org press photographer, give evidence to that.

Despite the impossibility to conduct a journalistic investigation and all the attempts of KGB and the Investigatory Committee to conceal their colleague’s death, today this fact can be considered proven. It is also may be considered proven that the accident happened in Zhdanovichy settlement in the private builders cooperative “Peizazh” in Novaya street, where the victim lived, near his expensive cottage or in the forest nearby.

According to the witnesses’ testimony, police questioned the neighbors, trying to find out whether any of them heard the shot. Due to that it is possible to state that it is a question not of a natural death of the 47-year old but only a murder or a suicide.

The position of the officer became known from a business card: “KGB of the Republic of Belarus, Internatsyjanalnaya street 29a, Minsk, Department for Minsk and Minsk region. Head of the Minsk inter district department”.

It surprises that the special services stubbornly keep concealing the fact of their colleague death. The response of the head of the center for information and public relations of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus Aliaksandr Antanovich can compete for the first prize in a nonsense competition: “What I said yesterday, I will tell anything else. I told everything, not more. I expressed the thought that I wanted to convey. I will not tell anything else”.

Now we can put an interim full stop (the final one will be put by the investigation and court), announcing the name of the victim, the day of his death and prove his belonging to Belarusian KGB.

We hope that now Mr Antanovich as well as the representative of the press-service of the Investigatory Committee Yuliya Gancharova will be able to tell the public a little bit more.