23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:41

The dictator called footwear makers parasites


Lukashenka is dissatisfied by with the situation in the tanning and footwear making industries.

“As a result the negative balance of foreign trade of the footwear making enterprises has grown 5.5 times and almost reached $40 million since 2006. In fact, a whole branch of industry is parasitizing on the foreign reserves of the country, whereas everyone must bring foreign currency in”, - Lukashenka claimed on Thursday opening a meeting on the issues of the development of  the tanning and footwear making industries, Interfax reports.  

The dictator stated that the Belarusian footwear making industry beats the records of importing capacity. Particularly, the ruler noted, in the production price of the Luch enterprise’s products there 71% of imported parts, at Belwest – almost 70%, San Marko – almost 70% and at Red October – more than a half. “In different words, what is produced here is almost not ours”, - Lukashenka stated.

Lukashenka noted that the increase of the import of foreign half-finished footwear products leads to the enterprises losing their technological and professional level, qualified personnel. It looks like, according to Lukashenka, footwear enterprises do work, even in profit, people get paid. “Like, what complaint could you have top us?” – he noted. In the meanwhile, Lukashenka stated that in the past 10 years the domestic manufacturing of shoes in Belarus has decreased from 16 to 13 million pair a year.

“Annual footwear import has increased more than 10 times in this period – up to 11 million pairs, which is more than $200 million. It means that we are losing even our domestic market, giving our money to a foreign mister”, - Lukashenka stated. The reasons for that the ruler sees in the low quality and insufficient choice of Belarusian footwear.