23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:08

Flu vaccination – on paid basis and compulsory?

The official media have reported that almost 3,036,000 Belarusians, which is 31.7% of the country's population, received vaccination against the flu.

Flu shots for more than 1,123,000 people were paid from the republican budget funds.  Almost 1,615,000 people were vaccinated at the cost the local authorities' budget. Vaccination of over 285,000 people was paid by enterprises and organizations and more than 12,000 people paid for vaccination themselves.

The website charter97.org received a letter from an angry reader: “All people working in the healthcare sector in Baranavichy – medical assistants, nurses, hospital aides, and drivers – must pay 30,000 rubles for vaccination. Those who don't agree receive threats, including threats of dismissal.”