22 January 2018, Monday, 1:32

Lithuanian ambassador called to Vilnius


The Ambassador of Lithuania to Belarus, Linas Linkevičius, left Minsk for Vilnius on November 8.

The Lithuanian MFA confirmed this information to Radio Svaboda. The MFA emphasized it wasn't a demarche or a recall for consultations, which are usually covered by the media, but an routine working visit:

“Both our ambassador to Belarus and Belarus's ambassador to Lithuania Drazhyn have ordinary business trips to discuss some current issues, for example administrative ones, in the MFA and other agencies. I hope the media will not make an artificial scandal over Mr Linkevičius's trip,” says Daiva Rimašauskaitė, the deputy director of the information and public relations department of the Lithuanian MFA.

On November 8, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania summoned the Belarusian ambassador to express protest over the attack on the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk. Anonymous people threw two Molotov cocktails to the embassy on November 6. The Belarusian MFA called the incident “hooliganism”. The special group of the Instigation Committee carries out an investigation.

The Lithuanian MFA expressed protest over the incident to Belarusian ambassador Uladzimir Drazhyn yesterday. Lithuania demands to thoroughly investigate the incident, cooperate with competent Lithuanian institutions and ensure the security of the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk.