16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:39

The Odyssey of Freedom: Belarusian walks across Ukraine on foot


Vadzim Nikolis is going to walk from Kharkiv to Uzhgorod to tell the Ukrainians about the situation in Belarus.

The Odyccey of Freedom, a social and political marathon organised by Belarusian activist Vadzim Nikolis, has started, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

“I left Minsk, arrived in Kharkiv and met with local activists,” Nikolis says. “Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to go sightseeing due to the two-hour meeting with political activists. I left the city after the meetings and went south west.”

The author wrote this in a forest near Kharkiv preparing to stay there for a night. Beautiful landscapes made him think about freedom:

“I was often asked about freedom. People asked what I meant under freedom, if it chose this name for my marathon,” the activist thinks. “They are right, I should explain my vision of the word 'freedom'. Freedom is a state of a person or a group of people when they live at this time and in this space not succumbing to acts of violence from other people and state institutions. A person must voluntary give a small part of his or her freedom (taxes and abiding to laws) to support the main supervisory body in the country, namely the state,” the activist thinks.

Vadzim Nikolis plans to walk on foot from Kharkiv to Uzhgorod to tell the Ukrainian community about the situation in Belarus.