18 January 2019, Friday, 9:43
Thanks, everyone

Police theater goers attempted to wreck a Belarus Free Theatre’s performance again

Two days in a row the performances of Belarus Free Theatre in Minsk were visited by police.

As the head of Belarus Free Theatre Mikalai Khalezin told charter97.org “policemen came, as the day before. They stopped the performance “Zone of Silence” and noted the passport fata of all the actors and spectators”.

According to the witnesses, more than 60 people gathered for the performance.

Belarus Free Theatre’s stage director Uladzimir Shcherban commented on yet another police visit in the following way:

“That is a characteristic of the incumbent authorities – the worse is the economic situation in the country, the more there are repression against artists. But regarding the BFT’s troupe and our spectators it is a hopeless case as for the eight years that the theatre has been operating we have developed a stable immunity. This is why despite all the efforts of the authorities to spoil the upcoming New Year I want to state that at a quicker pace we are preparing couple surprises for our spectators. And to those people in the uniform who have tried to wreck our performances two days in a row, I would like to remind that they are first of all people and would recommend to watch these performances. That is because we cannot be remade but they still have a chance”.

We would remind that yesterday policemen again broke in the premises hired by Belarus Free Theatre under the pretext of being called by the neighbors. The policemen noted down the passport data of the theatre’s manager Sviatlana Sugaka and demanded her to prepare the passport data of all the actors by today.