19 January 2018, Friday, 22:26

Rector of the Instutute of Culture was appointed minister of culture


Former rector of the Institute of Culture Barys Sviatlou became Minister of Culture.

Aliaksandar Lukashenko has made personnel decisions on 10 December.

The governor appointed:

Barys Sviatlou – culture minister of the Republic of Belarus.

Aliaksandar Lukashenko also approved the appointment of:

Aliaksandar Perayaslautsau as chairman of the Belarusian production and trade concern of forestry, woodworking and paper-and-pulp industry; 

Aliaksandar Karlyukevich as Director-editor-in-chief of publishing house Zvyazda;

Ivan Sauchyts as member of the Brest oblast executive committee.