22 January 2018, Monday, 8:59

Andrei Gaidukou had a meeting with a lawyer in jail

A lawyer Alena Trushkina visited Gaidukou in the Vitebsk jail No2.

It was announced by the mother of the convicted Navapolatsk activist, who was detained a month ago and accused of a “state treason by the means of agent’s activities”.

According to the lawyer, there are five people in Andrei Gaidukou’s cell. He does not complain about his health and holds on well, Radio Svaboda reports.

“The lawyer visited him and said that he did not despond, holds on well and that is good. She said that there are five of them in the cell. He holds on well morally, feels well, he is not sick, everything is good. She calmed me down since those things are the most important”, - Volga Gaidukova said.

Alena Trushkina was the first Andrei Gaidukou’s lawyer right after his detention on 8 November in Vitebsk. Following Andrei’s request she started working with him again when he was transferred from the KGB jail in Minsk to Vitebsk.

After they refused to change the measure of restraint for Andrei Gaidukou for a recognizance not to leave, his mother does not tell about any further prospects of how the situation may develop.