17 January 2018, Wednesday, 16:24

Freedom Lanterns in support of political prisoners

An unusual action was held in the support of the Belarusian political prisoners in Kuznica at the Poland-Belarus border.

Hundreds of Freedom Lanterns were launched from the territory of Poland in the direction of Belarus, Radio Racyja reports.

“These are Chinese air balloons, which one should light up in order for it to fly up. The action was organized by the association “Project Poland”. People came from many cities of Poland. A bus came from Poznan. There were people from Warsaw, Bialystok. They came altogether to Kuznica. The local met us here. Parents came with children. And we launched the lanterns altogether in the direction of Belarus”, - Yaugen Skrabutan, one of the action’s organizers tells.

According to him, around two hundred lanterns were launched in total. In the activist’s opinion, the Belarusian authorities must know that in Poland they are worried about the violations of human rights in Belarus.

“The action was devoted to the anniversary of signing the Declaration on Human Rights. And thus the Poles wanted to express their solidarity with Belarusians. They wanted to remind them once again that human rights is a very important thing and Belarusian authorities should not be allowed to violate those rights”, - he said.

Also in many cities of Poland, including Warsaw, Katowicy and Poznan, actions take place when people write letters to the Belarusian political prisoners. Round the clock anyone willing can write such a letter and leave it in a special unit for being sent to the prisons and colonies where the political prisoners are kept.