21 January 2018, Sunday, 0:01

“Union” blacklists at work?


A Ukrainian journalist, who is forbidden to enter Belarus, was not allowed to visit Russia.

Famous Ukrainian journalist Oleg Khomenok wrote on his page on a social networking website that he had received an answer from Russia that forbids him to visit the country for 5 years.

The official document says the ban was imposed on September 25, 2012, for a period of 5 years on the ground of part 1 of article 27 of federal law 114 relating to entry and exit procedures.

According to the pointed article, “A foreign citizen or stateless person shall be denied entry into the Russian Federation if

this is necessary in order to ensure the defence capability or security of the State,

or public order, or to protect public health”.

It should be reminded that Ukrainian journalist Oleg Khomenok was denied entry into Russia in late October, when he was going to Kaliningrad to hold seminars.

As Fontanka learnt from the journalist, border guards in Kaliningrad told him he could not enter the country in accordance with the Russian legislation. No one commented on the reason for the ban. Khomenok had to return to Kyiv.

The journalist explains the incident with his ban to enter Belarus imposed on him in March. He visited Russia three times for the last few months, but was unexpectedly denied entry in October. He thinks it's possible that the Russian secret services received documents from their Belarusian colleagues and this caused the entry ban.

Khomenok said in October he would go to a court to learn the reason for the denial of entry into Russia.