23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:14

Gaidukou’s friend: I do not have spare money to go to a questioning at KGB


Yaugeni Kanstantsinau was called for a questioning on Andrei Gaidukou’s “spy case” on 7 December.

Answering the question of KGB agents why he did not show up, the guy said: “After the visits of your agents I had to quit my job. So I do not have spare money for travels”.

Yaugeni Kanstantsinau worked before as a guard in a shop, Radio Svaboda reports.

Yaugeni Kanstantsinau has been recently living in Minsk and for a questioning he would have to go to the Vitebsk regional KGB department. He is unemployed now as last month “the people in mufti” came to his place of work and after that the administration suggested the guy to quit “voluntarily”.

Kanstantsinau is the head of the unregistered organization “Union of young intellectuals” and 23-old Andrei Gaidukou, detained for a “state treason” is a deputy of his. The Vitebsk KGB department is interested exactly in Andrei’s civic activities, Yaugeni Kanstantsinau believes. He considers absurd the accusation of his friend of cooperating with foreign special services.