17 January 2018, Wednesday, 7:57

Free Theatre: We are ready to see police at every performance


Policemen have recently twice visited the premises that the Belarus Free Theatre hires in Minsk.

On 7 and 8 December policemen came during the performances “Discover Love” and “The Zone of Silence” for allegedly had been called by the neighbors. On Friday they noted down the passport fata of the theatre director’s assistant Sviatlana Sugaka and ordered to prepare the passport data of all the actor by 8 December, Belsat TV channel reports.

“We cannot cause troubles for the neighbors since the theatre’s building stand aside, - Sviatlana Sugaka stated. – Apart from that the neighbors decide to simply not notice us. We initially made attempts go get along but with no results”.

According to her, policemen unofficially recommended the theatre to look for another place, not in their district.

“I do not know if we should expect police to visit each of our performances. I am sure that it is an attempt to frighten us. But we are prepared for that”, - she stated.

Sviatlana Sugaka expressed an opinion that policemen have not communicated with such a “great number of intelligent people” for long. “We do not want to play by their rules – to live like everyone else and not to stand out of the mass”, - the director’s assistant added.