20 January 2018, Saturday, 0:35

Tozik wants obligatory declaring for everyone


The vice Prime Minister got worried about the revenues of the citizens.

A round table discussion in the editorial office of the Soviet Belorussia newspaper was devoted to the issue of dependants and the citizens, who have decent revenues, houses and cars, but do not pay taxes and contributions to the pension fund.

¨We have around 400 thousand people of those who do not work or actually do not work, evading taxes and in this way parasitizing on the state’s social policy, - the vice Prime Minister Anataol Tozik stated. – As it is at the expense of the taxes that the work of our doctors and teachers is paid for, pensions and sick-leave certificates… It means that there is double pressure on those who conscientiously work in the real sector of economy. You tell me: if the work, which can be done by two people, is being done by four – are not those dependants? There are 25 thousand orphand children and 82% of them have parents, are not those parent social parasites? Or when elderly people are being taken care of in nursing homes with their children being alive and often very wealthy – is that normal? Also we have four thousands of homeless people. Past frosty winter we gathered them, gave them shelter, clothing, fed them. And in response they would only offense… There are a lot of examples like these¨.

In Tozik’s opinion, from the common sense point of view such a things as unemployment is absent in Belarus.

“There are more than enough vacancies. If not in your own town, than in another one, if not there, then in an agricultural town. It is very relative that we say that we have 0.6% unemployment. But we are now largely discussing those who do not want to work and parasitize on the society. But there I s another category which also parasitizes, although it is considered that they work, they have work records somewhere. And those people often live much better than the one who work. They do not pay any taxes, do not pay contributions to the pension fund. It means they do not participate in the formation of the country’s budget, from which all the social expenses and benefits are paid. And they use those equally with the citizens who work and pay taxes. That is another problem that needs solving, - the vise Prime Minister said. – In regard to this I like the suggestion of the Labour Ministry. They suggest to introduce obligatory declaring for all the citizens. Not only officials. A year has passed – tell us, at the expense of what have you lived it, what incomes and what expenses you had. You have a house and a car… And then, I think, it will force may people to come clean. Specialists say that we have way to large percentage of a shadow GDP. And the data of the official statistics do not coincide with the reality that we observe on our own eyes. How many cars do we have per capita? Why is it impossible to get into restaurants in Minsk?”