23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:18

Lord Bell's plan to improve image of dictatorship


A 32-page document worth 10 million euros has appeared on the Internet.

The document was posted on Facebook by Mikalai Khalezin, the head of the Belarus Free Theatre.

“We have been keeping Lord Bell's plan to spruce up Lukashenka's image for almost two years. It is a document of 32 pages valued at 10 million euros by the disgraced lord. Bell Pottinger company received only one out of ten millions. They didn't get the rest as the reputation loss appeared to be more expensive than the financial profit.

I am happy we have relation to the ignominious end of cooperation between Lukashenka and Lord Bell. I have been thinking a lot what should I do with the document and finally decided to release it to public in full, without any comments. Those wanting to look into it will understand the essence of the project. Everyone may comment as they want upon reading. One more thing. I'd like to note that similar documents go public sooner or later. Look after your reputation!” Khalezin wrote.