16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:08

Alyaksandr Sasnou: Lukashenka's dictatorship turning into totalitarianism


Former minister of labour Alyaksandr Sasnou comments on the initiative of Anatoly Tozik.

“They want put everyone under total control. The dictatorship is turning into totalitarianism. We can say that black markets – the currency market and others – will grow. A pensioner submitting a tax return – it looks ridiculous,” the ex-minister said to udf.by.

According to him, “It is unlikely that the initiative belongs to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection”.

“If Tozik expressed this idea, he was ordered to do so,” Alyaksandr Sasnou thinks.

The expert says the Ministry of Labour is interested in incomes of citizens only in view of payments to the Social Protection Fund.

But Deputy PM Anatoly Tozik spoke not about the Social Protection Fund: “In this regard, I like the proposal by the Ministry of Labour. They propose to introduce mandatory income declaration for all citizens. Not only officials must do it. A year passed – say on what money you lived, what incomes and expenses you had. You have a house, a car... I think this measure will make many come out of the shadows. Specialists say we have too high percentage of the shadow GDP. The data of the official statistics don't reflect the reality we see. How many cars per capita do we have? Why are Minsk restaurants overcrowded?”

The deputy PM showed his interest in incomes of people and proposed to introduce a mandatory procedure of filing tax returns for all citizens.