22 January 2018, Monday, 1:33

Brest officials forbade a theatre performance


The theatre “Villain’s wings” planned to conduct the readings of a Pavel Prazhko’s play on 18 December in the art-club Kirpich.

However theater was suddenly faced a condition: there must be a preliminary viewing by an artistic commission. The commission was composed of the officials from culture departments and theatre directors from Brest, Euroradio reports.

On 10 December after the assessment the performance was forbidden. Among the reason the commission members named big amount of explicit vocabulary, the vagueness of the plot, the poor level of theatre esthetics. This latter aspect was referred to the absence of theatrical costumes and set design, although the “Underpants” were initially stated as a reading, not as a performance itself.  

A Belarusian playwright and script writer Pavel Prazhko wrote his first paly in 2004. Since then he has been working majorly in Russia. His theatrical works have been translated into Polish, German and Finish. The author is a participant of international theatre festivals, readings and competioioons.

According to the words of the theatre’s actor Aleg Garbatsiuk, out of the five members of the commission only one was familiar with the creative works of Pavel. Nevertheless the theatre will try to set the Prazhko’s plays which were barely shown in the author’s motherland.

“Of course there will be attempts, we will look for premises, because we have our own spectators and we cannot just leave it the way it is. One must not listen to the people who understand little in modern dramaturgy and treat us as amateurs. I think we will do it next year”, - Aleg Garbatsiuk said.