22 January 2018, Monday, 3:14

Yakubovich and Kaziyatka: Big shots do not read SB, but Charter’97

Independent media are popular with Lukashenka’s officials.

The editor in chief of the Soviet Belorussia newspaper Pavel Yakobovich and the host of the Worldview TV program Yury Kaziyatka reached that conclusion on the air of the RTR-Belarus TV channel, Nasha Niva reports.

Lukashenka’s propagandists discussed independent journalists and, in particular, the recent story about the call of Zmitser Lukashuk to the editor of the Soviet Belorussia’s culture department Viktoryia Papova.

“This is just bad taste, disorderly conduct and meanness. – This is the way muckers behave in trams. Papova has the right to like or not to like Belarusians for the very simple reason of being a Belarusian herself”, - Yakubovich justified his subordinate.

Subsequently they started discussing the popularity of the printed media and the Internet.

“They do not read oppositional newspapers beyond the Minsk circle road. 30, 40 sometimes 60 percent of these newspapers go in waste, - the editor of the Soviet Belorussia shared his calculations”. The issues of the return of the official newspapers as well as the facts of forced subscription for government media were not touched upon.

Kaziyatka expressed the opinion that many high officials may not read the Soviet Belorussia and not watch TV, but read non-government web-sites.

Yakubovich agreed that officials go to the charter97.org web-site, but as the reason for that he named the desire to find out what “had been told about an office mate”.

He is especially irritated about the fact that “every trifle on the Charter causes some feeling of awareness to raise, like, did you read what they had written about you?”. “I say, you would rather read Dickens”, - Yakubovich confessed.

They spoke about anonyms on the Internet.

“We realize that sometimes special services create them for different purposes. It is simple to identify: who wrote what and what the IP-address was”, - Kaziyatka suddenly confessed. Yakubovich got confused: “This is bad, this is bad. I do not have a panacea to get rid of them. I do not want to talk about this”.