21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:43

The case of severe tortures in Vitebsk is closed

The Investigatory Committee stopped the investigation on the criminal case against the officials of the Pervomayski police department in Vitebsk.

They forced confessions out of children by using screwdrivers and gas masks.

According to the Vitebsk Courier newspaper, the case against the monster policemen was started in May 2011. The preliminary investigation of the applying illegal means of questioning by the policemen of the Pervomayski department took one and a half years. The deputy head of the investigative department Mikhail Aleshkin reported that the investigation was stopped according to the paragraph 2 of the part 1 of the article 29 of the Criminal Code (absence of the corpus delicti).

In the meanwhile the relatives of the victims are filled with indignation with the decision and believe that the case was just hushed up.