20 January 2018, Saturday, 0:37

Mikalai Ulasevich to be tried today


An UCP activist is accused of disobeying police officers.

Mikalai Ulasevich says to charter97.org that he doesn't expect a fair decision of the court and packs his bag to serve a term in custody:

”It is the seventh or eighth trial. I've lost count of them. The final decision is likely to be pronounced today. I am packing my bag. December 18 is the last day of administrative prosecution against me. I think the court proceedings will end today or tomorrow. Of course, it is impossible in our conditions to create a precedent to punish policemen, not ordinary citizens.”

Activist of United Civil Party Mikalai Ulasevich was detained two days before the “parliamentary elections” on September 21. He was initially accused of distributing campaign materials, but the charge was later changed to “disobeying police officers”:

”I was leaving a block of flats in the town of Astravets when a plain-clothes policeman met me. There were many police officers around. He showed his police card and demanded to explain what I was doing and show what I had in my bag. The policeman accused me of distributing campaign materials. I answered I didn't do it and added that even if I had done it, it was my right. I was taken to a police station. I was held there for 4 hours and 22 minutes. No police reports were drawn up. They also detained the head of my initiative team. He was recognised a witness and I was charged. Policemen searched me, my car and flat. The searches ended an hour after midnight.

I applied to the Prosecutor General's Office to complain at police's actions and demanded to show me search warrants and search reports, all documents. The policemen understood they were losing and changed the charge to 'disobeying police officers' ten days later. Two materials – my complaint at illegal actions by the police and their administrative case against me – are being heard together.”