16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:26

Burst heating pipes in Hrodna: Houses and cars flooded


Half of the city was left without heat due to the accident.

The heat pipeline burst on Belush Street in Hrodna at night. Nine houses on Tatarskaya Street were flooded. Eleven people, among them 3 children, were saved by rescue workers, the Emergency Ministry reports.

Five cars were flooded due to a scoured road. Two rescue officers were injured as they were evacuating children. Both were taken to hospital: one has burns of 30% of body surface, the other – 5%. Sixteen units of equipment and 48 people (7 units of equipment and 22 people from the Emergency Ministry) were involved in the operation to eliminate the damage of the incident. Nursery school No. 38 and 19 blocks of flats remained without heat supply in the morning, the Emergency Ministry reports.