18 January 2018, Thursday, 23:00

Garry Paganiaila will sue the Finance Ministry

The human rights activist demands a compensation of the moral damage caused by the limitation of the right to leave the country.

On 21 December at 4 p.m. the hearings will start in the court on the action of the head of the legal department of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC) Garry Paganiaila against the Finance ministry about the exaction of a monetary compensation for moral damage.

These demands are caused by the limitation of the human rights activit’s right to freely leave the country in March0June this year. The third parties in the process will be the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior.

As Garry Paganiaila himself reports, the case is precedential, a serious legal discussion between the parties is assumed. Although, the human rights activist confesses, the court’s decision is quite predictable.

The head of the BHC’s legal department invites everyone willing to be present at the open process. “It will be instructive and it is not ruled out that it will be fun!” - he says.

We would remind that on 15 March Garry Paganiaila was told at the department of citizenship and migration that he was not permitted to travel abroad. As the reason for the prohibition, they named a trial which never happened.

On 22 June the human rights activist assured being expelled from the lists of those not permitted to leave the country. The court decided that Paganiaila’s name got into the list because of a technical malfunctioning, which was not objected by one of the defendants at the process – the Ministry of Justice. The judge needed two sessions in order to acknowledge the human rights activist’s right to travel abroad.