19 January 2018, Friday, 18:47

Ales Pushkin: I was detained at work

On December 17, Belarusian artist Ales Pushkin was released from a detention centre on Akrestin Street, where he spent 12 days in custody for a procession with the portrait of Rastislau Lapitski, a hero of anti-Soviet resistance movement.

Activist of BCD party and Razam solidarity movement met him outside the detention centre.

The artist said he had been detained at work after the procession. He was warned he would be arrested and advised to run away. The artist refused to do so. He was not even allowed to change his work clothes and was taken by the police for a “conversation” that lasted 12 days.

In jail, Ales Pushkin read a book by Adam Stankevich, the founder of the first Christian Democratic Party in Belarus and said his ideas were still important today. He thanked all people who sent him parcels to the detention centre.

Ales Pushkin said he would continue to hold processions in honour of Rastislau Lapitski, though he was already tried twice for them.