17 January 2018, Wednesday, 16:14

Mikalai Ulasevich fined 4 million rubles


An activist of the United Civil Party (UCP), who was detained on September 21, was accused of distributing campaign materials.

Court proceedings in the administrative case against political activists from Varanyany Mikalai Ulasevich ended on December 18. The court of the Astravets district found the activist guilty and fined him 40 basic units. The administrative process was record long in the Hrodna region – nine court sessions were held. Mikalai Ulasevich and his lawyer did their best to defend his rights. Ulasevich is confident the court took a political decision received “from above”, Viasna human rights centre reports.

Ulasevich notes his complaint at improper actions by officials, which should have been heard during the process, was in fact ignored.

Mikalai Ulasevich was detained during the latest election campaign on September 21, two days before the voting day. He was accused of distributing illegal campaign materials. The charge was later changed to “disobeying police officers”.

Mikalai Ulasevich plans to apply to the regional court to appeal against the decision of the Astravets district court.