21 January 2018, Sunday, 20:00

Surikov: Lukashenka slips his hand in Russia's pocket


The theme of returning $1.5b to Russia by Belarus is on the agenda of the oil balance talks.

”We have such a topic, I will not hide it. What would you do if someone put his hand in your pocket and took something? Would you demand to give it back?” Surikov said Wednesday at a press conference in Minsk, Interfax news agency reports.

He added Belarus's scheme hurt Russia "both economically and politically”.

The ambassador notes Russia and Belarus haven't reached  a compromise on the oil and oil products balance for 2013, but Russia is ready to secure the maximum utilisation rate of Belarusian refineries.

“Questions on oil balance still exist,” Surikov said.

He noted Belarus wants 23m tonnes of oil from Russia, while Russia is ready to supply only 18.5m tonnes.