19 January 2018, Friday, 0:24

Tozik insists on paying for healthcare


The Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister calls on Belarusians to get rid of illusions of free social services.

”To my deep regret, most people, the deplorable fact that they are of active working age or young, are enthralled by illusions that education, housing and utilities, healthcare, culture and sports, etc. are free,” Tozik said Thursday in the Belarusian “parliament”, Interfax news agency reports.

”This fact can obviously explain why people are strongly convinced the state must teach, treat, provide them with something and so on,” the deputy PM continued. He stressed that “everyone must have a clear understanding of their own responsibility for their well-being and the responsibility of the state.”

“It's absolutely obvious that we need to take less care of our people,” Tozik said adding that “one cannot exploit state's care”.

We remind that deputy PM Anatoly Tozik proposes to pay 5,000 rubles for a doctor's visit.