16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:32

Dictator asked «cheap money»


And said again that there will be no devaluation after January, 1.

The information was released by Lukashenko as he visited the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics on 21 December.

"No devaluation of the national currency will be from January 1, we assume. We have no objective need to devalue the national currency, the more artificial course we do not hold back," - said Lukashenko.

As for the rumors of a possible devaluation of the governor said that "it was forcing the situation, who does it - you know".

Lukashenko said that the day before he had heard the report of the Chairman of the National Bank Nadezhda Ermakova, who said that the foreign exchange market, "a good situation."

Russia will grant a $2 billion loan to Belarus for the modernization of enterprises, said Lukashenko.

According to the head of state, the loan was discussed during his recent visit to Russia. “Negotiations with the government of Russia and the President of Russia on a great deal of matters took place on 18-19 December,” said he. “I told them that we should help each other in a crisis if we are brothers. We could use a couple of billion in USD loans in order to modernize our enterprises”.

“I should tell you that I was surprised when I said that the answer could wait. They said it was okay, give us a concrete list of enterprises, preferably joint ventures. It means they give money to modernize Belarusian companies and to create joint ventures. I said it was a good idea but there is more than that. We need $1 billion as well for something other than joint ventures,” said he.

According to the President of Belarus, no negative answer has been given. “Contrariwise, they said they would think about it and would help with it,” remarked Lukashenko.

Belarus has come to terms with Russia about the delivery of 23 million tonnes of oil in 2013, said Lukashenko.

“We were holding negotiations with Russia. They were offering 18.5 million tonnes while we wanted 23 million tonnes. However, we have come to terms with the Russians about the delivery of 23 million tonnes,” stressed he.

He added: “We will get oil without problems”. Alexander Lukashenko said that when there were problems, Belarus managed to find sources of oil in Venezuela and Azerbaijan. “But we have already reached an agreement with Russia,” said the President.

China has granted a $1 billion untied loan to Belarus. The information also was released by Lukashenko.

“I was informed yesterday that once again the Chinese have lent us over $1 billion as an untied loan for projects inside the country. The loan is affordable,” said the head of state. In his words, at present Belarus has many projects like that.

Lukashenko underlined that the loans allocated to Belarus is nothing in comparison with how much money the country invests in the domestic economy. “Money from the state budget, from private and state-run enterprises is way bigger than what we get from loans. Don’t think we live at the expense of loans only,” added he.

He remarked that borrowing is a normal practice.