17 January 2018, Wednesday, 6:09

Mikalai Statkevich told about the provocation before the Square protest

The full text of the political prisoner’s letter from prison was posted at his web-site. It tells how he got into a trap in Niamiga.

Mikalai Statkevich’s wife Maryna Adamovich provides the text of his letter on her Facebook account and еру statkevich.org web-site. The political prisoner sent it on the eve of 19 December.

“… You know that it is yet another anniversary next week. I am not ashamed of that day. I cannot forgive myself only one thing – I let them to lead me into that trap. I do not know why Prakopavich [Niaklieu – Charter’97] needed to entice me in his office that way. But when we left the office together and I saw their bus with amplifying equipment, which they were going to take to the square, I immediately realized how this was going to end. Probably I should have run from there right away, because I must have been where I called people to come (at the square), but these children were so happy that I would go with them, so I simply could not leave them. And I did not have time to think, because they knew everything and did not let to make even 10 meters.

Although, it seems that I made no more mistakes, because it were instincts that worked further. I immediately covered my back, having stood near the police car, beat correctly, received the punches correctly. If I passed a single punch, I could not have made it anywhere, judging from the condition of my forearm, which I used to block the stick hits. It was also correct that I could not kick the mask that crawled to me because I did not consider it an enemy and was afraid to kick a head with my foot. The most important thing is that the scull appeared to be strong (the result of 600-years evolution) and one leg survived, which allowed to walk”, - Miakalai Statkevich says.

At the end of the letter there is an addition: “What is interesting is that if the Prakopavich’s team, when carrying out this force challenge or force provocation, realized that in our conditions it would inevitably cause the reaction that we got in the end or not. But forgive me for that recollection of the past, Because I told you all that a year ago”.

We would remind that on 19 December 2010 near Niamiga street unknown people wearing masks attacked the column which was going from the office of the presidential candidate Uladzimir Niakliaeu to October square. The incident happened in Niamiga street. A black patrol wagon blocked the way of the column, where Mikalai Statkevich was as well. First a smoke-puff charge was thrown at the column out of the wagon and then a group of unknown people in black got out of it and started beating the oppositionists.

Belarus prosecutor’s office refused to consider the case of the attack at the column.