16 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:29

Dzemidzenka: There was ice in cell


A Young Front activist was thrown into the detention centre after independent websites had reported about his detention.

“I was detained by policemen near my home at 18 December. I said it to my friends and they contacted the media. Policemen wanted to warn me against participating in unauthorised events on the second anniversary of the post-election protests,” Young Front deputy head Mikalai Dzemidzenka told charter97.org.

The activists says the policemen wanted to let him go, but later accused him of disobeying:

“I was invited to the Frunzenski district police department. I put a signature that I had been warned. They were going to set me free, but, as I understood, they received an order from the main police department that I should be jailed if the media reported about my detention. A police report for 'disobeying police officers' was draw up. I was taken to a court. Judge Lukashuk sentenced me to five days in custody.”

It was very cold in a cell on the first day, Mikalai Dzemidzenka says:

“I was taken to the new building of the detention centre. Conditions are better there than in the old building. They give bedclothes. By the way, they gave them only to me, the rest inmates slept without bedclothes. Cells have beds and a separate toilet. We were taken for walks. In general, they fulfil all requirements. The only thing, they have a corner cell, which was very cold. Radiators were warm, but there was ice in the air shaft. We were transferred to another cell the next day.”