21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:31

Power supply company joins pressure campaign against opposition activist


Alena Myadzvedzeva, a coordinator of Tell the Truth campaign in Babruisk, says officers of the power and electricity supply company visited her home four times when she was out.

“I have payment receipts, but two representatives of the energy supply company visited my home. They demanded my under-age daughter and granddaughter to pay. I was not at home. The children told it to the officials, but they visited the flat again three times.”

Alena Myadzvedzeva says the officials wanted the children to pay for electricity. The children tried to explain the owner paid utility bills on time, but they didn't know where she kept receipts.

“I wonder who has the right to demand children to pay and threaten them to cut off electricity when adults are away. They left a warning, but it doesn't meet the established requirements. I filed complaints to the energy supply company and a prosecutor of Babruisk's Pershamaiski district. I attached the payment receipts and the warning from the energy company representatives. I ask to start an inquiry over pressure on my children.”

The activist supposes the possible reason for visiting her home was that a member of Civil Contract project has his office in the flat, Viasna human rights centre informs.

The coordinator of Tell the Truth campaign already faced pressure from the police and the KGB. Her flat was raided during the 2010 presidential campaign, when only an under-age granddaughter of the activist was at home.