23 January 2018, Tuesday, 11:02

Boris Grebenshchikov supports Ales Byalyatski


Amnesty International has launched the Write for Rights 2012 marathon.

This year's marathon offers to put signatures to support five prisoners from Belarus, Taiwan, the US, Sudan and Iran. Last year, 1.5 million signatures were collected during the marathon. Three out of five persons mentioned in the petition were released, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

Prominent Russian musician Boris Grebenshchikov was among the first to sign the petition and launch the letter writing marathon in Russia.

Boris Grebenshchikov carefully read all five petitions before his concert in Moscow and signed each of them, including one for Ales Byalyatski.

These letters and thousands of others signed by those who don't regard human rights as mere words will be sent to the governments of Belarus, the US, Taiwan, Sudan and Iran.