19 January 2018, Friday, 6:34

Festivities? Only after an inspection!  

At the New Year’s festivities the capital’s police will work in the regime of increased security.

“All the units for mass events will be cordoned off, the access will be allowed only after a certain inspection. People with forbidden items will not be allowed”, - the head of the department of security of the Minsk City Executive Committee’s police department Yury Sarokin said on 4 December.

According to him, in pre- New Year time the number of crime traditionally goes up, which is linked to the use of petards, the use of which in public places is qualified as  a disorderly conduct. “The Selling of pyrotechnic products is officially allowed in specialized shops, however they are not allowed to be carried in public transport”, - Sarokin explained.

For the New Year’s festivities it is planned to increase the number of units at the routes of public transport, the director of the enterprise Valery Shkuratau pointed out. “We will enforce the routes which are linked to the units of the mass events, first of all near the National Library of Belarus, October Square, Sports Palace. At these routes the intervals of public transport traffic will be cut and the working hours extended”, - Shkuratau said.

He pointed out that special attention will be paid to the work of the public transport after the New Year’s fireworks in order for all the residents of Minsk to be able to come back home.