17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:10

Belarus takes over chairmanship in CIS


Belarus will take over the chairmanship in the CIS in 2013.

The decision was taken at the summit of the CIS heads of states in Ashgabat on Wednesday, an official Turkmen source said today.

Turkmenistan had the chairmanship in 2012. A meeting of the Council of the Foreign Ministry has been recently held in Ashgabat.

In general, in 2012 the concept of Turkmenistan's chairmanship in the CIS envisaged holding about 30 events in 2012.

The CIS consumer goods fair, a meeting of the Council on Agricultural Industry, the Council for Rail Transport of the CIS member-states, a meeting of the CIS Economic Council, CIS Electric Power Council, Forum of Creative and Scientific Intelligentsia of the CIS member-states and international conferences on food security have been held in Ashgabat.